Crave greatness


Growing up I was surrounded by amazing people and I still am. These people are my parents, siblings, cousins and friends. They just have this amazing ability to make mistakes and allow me to learn from them (advantages of being the last born). They also seem to harness tenacity even after many, many tumbles and failures.

The impact of the people that surrounded me only became evident when I had to start making life-changing decisions such as, choosing a career path to follow and fully embarking on this journey called life. Being surrounded by dream chasers, doers and go-getters gave me a different perspective on how and what kind of person I wanted to be. I wanted to be great.

What these people had in common is that they were exceptional at what they did, they seemed to get very little sleep, they had a passion and they allowed their passion to drive them. So, watching them I knew I wanted to great too, at something. I was craving to be the best at something. Little did I realize that first I needed to find a purpose then find a passion in that a purpose then try to be great.

To be great at something, you need to have a something and that something is the passion that you find in your purpose. You need to have the kind of passion that rattles your soul and the kind of purpose that you look at and say, “I can’t be average at this, I can’t be average at something I claim to be passionate about”. Your sweat and blood need to show in your purpose. Your passion needs to overflow from your whole being and touch others.

The passion from these not so perfect people created a craving, an addiction to wanting to be great and not just average. It was the craving for greatness that got them through the night when the future seemed a bit dimmer than hoped for. It is this craving that has me wanting to be better than I was yesterday. It is this craving that should help you get through the trials that come with following your passion.

But, the secret to all this is to see yourself as your own competition and benchmark and not to compare yourself to others although it may be difficult. Let the people that surround you be your inspiration and not your competition.